Name: Dr. George Ekisa
Position: Lecturer in Environmental Policy & Socioeconomics
Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania

After the switch, an introductory visit to Olosoito marked the starting point of our academic programmes at Kilimanjaro Bush Camp. The field lecture exposed students to the various environmental issues and policy aspects around Amboseli Ecosystem. Students also conducted a field exercise on aspects of human-wildlife conflict. The findings were amazing as the conflict between man and wildlife has increased due to the introduction of agriculture in the area. Originally, pastoralism was actually compatible with wildlife in Amboseli ecosystem and incidences of conflict were minimal.

Rarely do we have conservation areas near urban centres; the expedition to Lake Nakuru National Park was of its kind that exposed students to the urban-wildlife-rural interface. The LNNP expedition exposed students to various environmental aspects of LNNP catchment areas. Further, threats to LNNP were tackled. We are preparing our students for exams and directed research work around Amboseli Ecosystem. Environmental Policy Directed Research will focus on assessment of land tenure, land use changes and their implication on human livelihoods, environmental and wildlife conservation in the Amboseli ecosystem of Kenya.