Name: Jessica Spista
School: Purdue University
Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania to Kenya

Today we arrived back to camp from the Serengeti. We left Sunday morning and left camp on Thursday. The trip was incredible, everyone had an amazing time and it is a very beautiful place.

We were all able to see leopards for the first time, and for most people that finished up the Big 5. Every morning we went on either a game drive or we would go birding, then during the day we had lecture, and at night we would have another game drive.

We kept pretty busy on the game drives also because we did activities of observing giraffes and elephants and also mammal associations. The campsite was pretty awesome, we were able to sit around the fire with the staff and talk and some of us even learned a new card game that a staff member taught us.

We saw many animals including about 5,000 wildebeests on the drive in who were moving for the Great Migration. The car I was in also was able to see a female lion take down a baby wildebeest that had been separated from the herd. We were also able to see some hippos fight at the hippo pool and some giraffes sparring, most of the animals were very active, the warthogs were always running and seemed to have a place that they needed to be.

The Serengeti is a beautiful place, from the landscape to the animals there was always something to look at and everyone had an incredible time!