Name: Daniel Ferons
School: University of San Diego
Program: Marine Resource Management Studies, Turks and Caicos

When it came to sitting down to write about my time so far at The SFS Center for Marine Resource Studies I really had no idea where to begin. In all honesty how do you begin to describe one of the most phenomenal trips you have ever been on in one of the most beautiful places in the world. During my time here I have been able to learn about the marine ecosystem as well as the different factors playing an integral part in the overall health of the environment. That is only part of it. The classes put me into the amazing position of being able to go into the water on a daily basis. For example, we got to learn about the difference of conch distribution by going out and collected the conch ourselves. One of the best parts about being on South Caicos is that the people you meet at the Center and in the town are the best. Everyone is outgoing and adventurous and there is never a dull moment. Being abroad here is like a dream and I always have to remind myself that yes, this is real life.