Working in Australia with The School for Field Studies should be reason enough to believe that SFS engages environmental education on a global scale, but this concept was proven to me without a doubt in mid-March.

I had the opportunity to attend the workshop “Mapping Environmental Scenarios & Solutions with Google Technology” in Sausalito, California, described as “ideal for technology specialists, environmental leaders, and public-interest advocates interested in becoming effective trainers for Google’s mapping technology and its range of applications.” Between sessions, two other participants approached me and explained they were SFS alums: Sarah Sikich (Turks & Caicos ‘98) and Andrew Leach (Costa Rica ‘04). It was thrilling to be sought out as an SFS connection and to see examples of continued environmental careers after an experience abroad with SFS.

Shortly after the workshop concluded, I traveled to Connecticut and was able to meet three more SFS alums: Caleb Corliss (Australia ‘11), a recently awarded Distinguished Student Researcher with whom I had worked in Australia last semester, Matt Richter (Bhutan ’10 alum and intern), and Alyssa Cheung, the incoming intern for Bhutan this summer. Coast to coast I enjoyed the company of others who have been a part of SFS in four countries over three continents. I can only imagine the other connections like mine that happen every day all over the world – proof of SFS as a powerful nexus.