Name: Julia Jaffe
School: Wellesley College
Major: Biology, Psychology
Program: Wildlife Management & Conservation, Tanzania

It is completely unbelievable that we only have a few days left in the first summer session here in Tanzania. I think we all feel entirely blown away at the number of incredible things we’ve seen, the amazing things we’ve done, and the breathtaking places we’ve been – including a bike ride through Lake Manyara National Park, visiting the Ngorongoro Crater, and a 5 day camping trip in the Serengeti, from which we have just returned, dusty, dirty, and all smiles.

In just one day, we spotted over 20 lions, including 4 “aww”-inducing cubs, as well as laid witness to some equally as captivating lion mating. We also performed giraffe and elephant studies, watched what may have been the first ever elephant on elephant piggy back ride, and were lucky enough to experience the great migration of wildebeests, zebras, and Thomson’s gazelles first hand.

Looking back on our time here, it is easy to see the change in everyone. Tans have emerged, khaki zip-off pants have been replaced with bright patterns and colors (thanks to the local tailors), and early morning greetings have made the transition from English to Kiswahili.

As the session is winding down, it’s clear to see the impact that SFS has had on everyone here. The lectures and field exercises on conservation and management have been captivating, the staff amazing, and the friendships definitely long lasting. To the wildlife management students who are currently scrambling to pack; hakuna matata, and we can’t wait to meet you!