I can’t believe there are only three weeks left. It’s amazing how much time has flown by, it seems like only yesterday we were just arriving, but at the same timeit feels like we’ve been here forever. I don’t think I could ever get used to just how blue the water is, how breathtaking the reefs are, or how incredible the sunsets over the ocean look! As much as I want to stay here forever, I must admit that it’ll be nice to take a hot fresh water shower and let a washing machine do my laundry for me.

This week has been crazy as we’ve been busy with projects and finals and especially our Directed Research (DR). For my DR, three other students and I are measuring finfish at the docks. It’s extremely fun and interesting to talk with the fishermen and get to know them better. There’s a lot of data to sort through and sometimes we sit around for hours waiting for the boats to come in, but it’s worth it. I’ve also had the chance to go out with other DR groups. All of the projects are fascinating and unique, and it’s incredible to take part in all the research that’s going on right now.

It’s going to be hard going home after all this time spent living the island life. A lot of things that we’ve grown used to will be completely different once we’re back in the states, and I’m finally starting to adjust to island time. I know now that if a basketball game is supposed to start at 7, it’s really going to start at 9. I’ve loved getting to know all the kids and I’m really going to miss them when I leave. They can be a little overwhelming, but they are full of love and energy. I’m also pretty sure they are all better dancers than I could ever hope to be. It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to all the amazing people I’ve met here. This experience has been unforgettable!