I don’t care how cliché this is, but I honestly have no idea where to start. It’s so difficult trying to write this post—with only four weeks, it’s hard to have any time to think, let alone trying to get everything down in words. This session has flown by and wow, has it been great.

Two weeks in New Zealand and two weeks in Oz; few things in life can beat that kind of experience. But that’s what SFS gives you… unforgettable memories. Looking back on my last six months of working at Warrawee, I know that I have been given some of what will be the most memorable moments of my life. The experience has, of course, been enhanced by students who are eager to learn about the ecosystems that they are living in and the people that interact with it.

As the current session draws to a close, we’ve begun saying some goodbyes. We celebrate the time the students have spent labouring over papers and cramming for their exam by taking them on a “secret” mystery tour. This session’s tour involved tastings of chocolate and cheese at the local Gallo Dairy, where we learned all about the process of making cheese—including a milking demonstration and playtime with the calves!

We also ventured to one of the Tablelands’ countless gifts—the waterfalls. We visited a few of the many falls that surround us and the views were breathtaking. The hikes down to Elinjaa Falls and to Zillie Falls resulted in one lost sandal in the flowing river, as well as some epic photographs. Millaa Millaa Falls was a group favourite, due to the perfectly clear (and cold!) swimming hole at the bottom of the falls. Many students swam behind the falls and basked in the misty sunshine, while others sun bathed on the grassy slope at the shore of the pool. Honestly, there is no better way to spend the afternoon lounging with such amazing people and discussing this, that, and the other things in life, while listening to the falls behind us. What a brilliant way to end such an enjoyable month!