Today began with a delicious breakfast, a class on public health principles, and then the traditional program welcoming ceremony of a goat roast bash! Taking a step back from the festivities to absorb the surreal moment that was developing right before me, I realized just how incredible this place and program is.

Outlined by the rays of the setting sun, Maasai warriors performed their traditional ritual dance as their way to welcome us to their land. Their movements made with such vigorous elegance captivated me. Their hand-made jewelry, worn from their head to their toes, swung upward with every jump which made my eyes veer to the background where the steep shape of Mt. Kilimanjaro could be seen. The place-based learning of the Maasai culture, the Kenyan climate, and geographic features were presented all in one moment.

Having this once in a life time opportunity to be truly immersed in this culture has made my classes that much more significant. I seek to collect every bit of information so I can better help in making the community healthier.  This community and all people have the right to clean water and adequate healthcare. By participating in this program, you will take a leadership role in making a positive impact on the world, but also a positive impact on yourself as exploration into other cultures expands your mind promoting self-reflection and self-growth.