We have been at Moyo Hill Camp for about three weeks now and we have already been on so many unforgettable adventures. We have been to Lake Manyara National Park twice now and I have more pictures than I could ever need!

We have also had two traveling lectures; during one, we had the extraordinary opportunity to talk to two poachers. We were able to ask hard questions and still receive truthful answers. We asked them what their motivation was and they always responded “money.” Poaching is a quick way to earn a lot of money and when people are extremely desperate they may see no other option. They mentioned that the government is getting a little more strict about poaching, but it’s not enough to stop them.

The non-program days have also been a highlight of each week. Every Sunday we get to go out into the towns and do different activities like hiking or art-making. One day I did Batik painting, which is essentially dying cotton cloth and using wax layers to control where the colors go. I also went on a hike where we climbed over rocks and various terrains to reach the top of a waterfall! It was a difficult journey, but a fantastic view.

We have visited several towns, explored national parks, learned a lot about wildlife, and interacted with local community members. So far the experience has surpassed my expectations and with the expedition coming up, I’m sure it will continue!