It’s now a week to the end of the semester here at Moyo Hill. Students have been intensely involved in analyzing their data and all have finally have their final papers due today. It’s truly amazing, seeing students go through the rigors of research. The students all have been tirelessly working hard. The data analysis involved students learning use of statistical analysis programs such as R and SPSS, and GIS. Today marks the end of the research write and everyone is excited, after days of hard work. Student’s work has ranged from beekeeping, zebra behavior, tick ecology, wild dogs, baobab and acacias, to elephant ecology. The diverse range of research topics make students research here at Moyo Hill exciting. In a few days, the Center will host natural resource management stakeholders in the area, where students will present their research findings. The research symposium marks the grand finale for this spring semester here at Moyo Hill. What a life-enriching experience this has been!