In a hammock reading the intriguing book, Blue Mind, for our Environmental Policy class.

Spotted a huge Southern Stingray (Dasyatis americana) hiding away on a recreational snorkel, so I duck-dove in order to get a closer look. Not too close though… these rays have giant barbs on their tails!

This photo was taken on our first night at the Center during orientation. This view is no longer foreign; it now feels like home. However, I’m still awestruck by its beauty every day.

Team Mangrove getting excited prior to setting off on our mangrove assessment field exercise!

Team Mangrove in the field observing the vast biodiversity of marine organisms just under the surface.

An example of the kinds of biodiversity we find here in the beautiful reefs surrounding South Caicos.

Found a sea pearl (Ventricaria ventriocosa) during a snorkel. This algae is one of the coolest ones out there because it is the largest single cell plant!

The gorgeous Dove Cay found right across the channel from the SFS Center.

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