Recently, the SFS Cambodia students had their second field trip for the Khmer language class to a local market named Phsa Samaki, a fruit and vegetable market located in Siem Reap province. The market activity allowed the students to practice their fruit and vegetable, numbers, greetings and directions vocabulary and to improve their bargaining skills in the Khmer language. I was really happy to accompany the students on this activity because I got to see the students speak Khmer to vendors who cannot speak English. And, it is more fun this way for the students to practice their language skills. This activity provided a great and authentic language experience.

The students spent 2 hours in Samaki market to find and buy fruits and vegetables. This market is a good market for SFS students to learn and practice with local vendors because the fruit and vegetables are plentiful, so they are easy to find and bargain for – plus they are very fresh! The students really enjoyed the market activity because they got to learn about the Khmer language while also getting to buy some produce, such as coriander, sweet peppers, limes, mangos, avocados, and oranges for making guacamole, salsa, and fruit shakes for themselves and the Phnom Penh PUC students visiting our center that weekend.

After they finished the market activity, I was very thankful to see that the students had fun while also improving their language skills. This market activity was very important for students to learn and practice the Khmer language with local Khmer people.

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