Ben Farmer


Waterfront Assistant


B.S. in Biology
University of Kentucky (KY, USA)

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Staff Profile

Ben graduated in May 2019 with a degree in Biology from the University of Kentucky. He has been enraptured with the underwater world from a young age. Vacationing to beaches in South Carolina and New Hampshire, the wetlands and intertidal communities were always fascinating. Back home in Kentucky, Ben continued exploring everything from lakes to small creeks and cave systems. Yearning to return to the ocean, Ben pursued a semester of education abroad on the Caribbean island of Bonaire during his junior year. The CIEE Research Station was where Ben gained an intense appreciation for coral reef ecology, scuba diving, and scientific communication. Additionally, the incredible connection between the staff, students, and local community stoked Ben’s interest in ground level conservation efforts. Upon returning to the University of Kentucky, he continued to hone his research and presentation skills, with projects spanning Marine Protected Area effectiveness in the Indo-Pacific, the biology of karst water systems, and the parental behavior of sparrows. Directly after finals week and completing his senior thesis, he departed for travels everywhere from northern California to Atlanta, where he satisfied his hobbies of mountaineering and live music-going. This summer, Ben found himself in Key Largo, Florida, where he completed an internship with Reef Environmental Education Foundation. While there, he gained experience with fish surveys, marine education, and dive leading. Ben is incredibly excited to return to the Caribbean and the world of education abroad, to help students find their path just like he did in Bonaire.