Cait Arnold


Enrollment Coordinator


Beverly, Massachusetts

Contact Info 978.219.5121

B.S. in Sociology, Minor in Education
University of Massachusetts Amherst (MA, USA)

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Staff Profile

Cait grew up in the North Shore of Massachusetts. From here she began her next chapter as an undergrad at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst to study Sociology and Education. During the fall of her junior year, she studied in Florence, Italy. In the heart of Tuscany, she discovered her robust desire for learning and experiencing through travel. Throughout her travels, she enjoyed observing and partaking in the cultures of each new place she visited, (mostly accomplished by eating like a local). Since her study abroad experience, Cait has been to Europe several times to travel and work abroad.

Upon her return, Cait decided to make a career out of her passion for learning, growth, and travel and pursued a career in the field of International Education. Cait began her time with The School for Field Studies as the Enrollment Coordinator. Here, she has been incredibly psyched to continue her career in International Education, hoping to inspire students all over the world to experience a form of education that can only occur through travel.