Conrad Pfalzgraf


Waterfront Assistant


Turks & Caicos Islands




Bachelor's in Environmental Science - emphasis in Marine Ecosystems, Minor in Biology and Spatial Studies
University of Redlands

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There is something so fulfilling and special about sharing the underwater world. Whether that be through diving, snorkeling, literature, photos, or videography, it is all important for the protection of our planet. SFS Center for Marine Resources (CMRS) has allowed me to share the beautiful underwater ecosystems that encompasses South Caicos with people from all around the world. I fell in love with the Turks and Caicos archipelago when I was a student here in Fall 2021. Being surrounded by like-minded people was so refreshing. Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to be a marine biologist of sorts. My parents encouraged this interest at a young age by taking me to the beach every weekend and letting me explore PNW tide pools. In college, I helped out with long-term Marine mammal Photo ID and sightings mapping research. I was also selected as a freshman to go on a May term research expedition to Palau to study Marine Ecology and History. This trip helped rekindle my passion for the ocean.
During my time as a student at CMRS I assisted with Kassandra Dudecks Marine Debris accumulation-directed research project. The experience was so life changing and refreshing I had to come back. While working here, I’ve had the opportunity to assist with that same marine debris research project as well as a project on how sargassum impacts marine debris retention on beaches among many others. The variety of opportunities I have every day make working here so special. I am also a Divemaster and help lead the students on immersive and educational dive and snorkel experiences. One of my newfound passions is social media management. I assist in the creation of the videos and posts on the SFS TCI social media. I accumulate a lot of underwater videos as well as my drone shots in an effort to accurately represent the beautiful ecosystem we get to immerse ourselves in every day. In my free time here at SFS TCI I enjoy flying my drone, taking care of the local dogs and immersing myself in the beautiful environment we get to call home. I love all of the hands-on experiences I get to share with so many students. It is very fulfilling work knowing your aiding in the development of a team of fellow ocean lovers that will one day help save our blue planet.