Dana Scheffler


Program Intern


B.S. in Environmental Science and Biology (Minor in Religion)
Saint Michael's College (VT, USA)

SFS Alum
Bhutan Fall '16

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Staff Profile

Dana grew up in northern New Jersey and graduated from Saint Michael’s College in 2018 with two B.S. degrees in Biology and Environmental Science, as well as a minor in Religion. Two weeks into her freshman year at school, she impulsively applied for position as a glacier tour guide in Alaska. This position led to her first true experience living and working completely in the outdoors. From then on, Dana spent her four years of college experiencing as many ecosystems as possible from the tropics of Panamá to the local tributaries of Vermont. She additionally studied with the School for Field Studies in Bumthang, Bhutan in the fall of 2016 where she developed her love for Himalayan culture as well as researching the coexistence of religion and science. Outside of academics, Dana would most likely be found snowboarding, rock climbing, biking, or making tea in weird (but beautiful) places. Dana aims to expand her knowledge of the natural sciences and research how religion can be utilized as a biodiversity driver.