Ella Dorval Hall


Program Intern


B.S. in Environmental Studies
Saint Michael's College (VT, USA)

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Staff Profile

Ella is from the northeast coast of Massachusetts and was fortunate to spend much of her life skiing, hiking, camping, and attending school in the nearby states of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. She graduated from Saint Michael’s College in 2018; while receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies, Ella focused her academic content on the intersection of people and the environment, fascinated by how gender, race, culture, religion, and socio-economic status influence the way an individual engages with the environment. In doing so, Ella took a very interdisciplinary approach to her education and professional experience, enabling her to pursue experience in education, food systems, sex ed, sustainable development, and firefighting. Ella sees that her diverse experiential learning opportunities have been critical in developing her character, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary manner in which she engages with environmental topics. She hopes to offer some of this inspiration to students embarking on SFS programs. Outside of her academic and professional work, Ella enjoys running, skiing, hiking, writing, meditation, and dancing, while sharing these experiences with good company.