Georgina Lloyd Rivera, Ph.D.


Center Director




PhD in Environmental Law (Heritage)
University of Sydney (Australia)

Master in Environmental Law
University of Sydney (Australia)

Bachelor in Science (Environmental), Honours in Plant Ecology
University of Sydney (Australia)


SFS 3820 Environmental Ethics and Development
(The School for Field Studies)

SFS 3111 Ecology and Conservation of Asian Elephants
(The School for Field Studies)

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Faculty Profile

I commenced working with SFS in 2014. I have been living in Siem Reap Cambodia since 2007. During my time in Siem Reap I have completed my PhD in Environmental Law (heritage law), undertaken a post-doctoral fellowship collaborating with the Cambodian Government on policy development for the Angkor World Heritage Site, been Project Officer for the UNESCO-Australia-Cambodia Angkor Heritage Management Framework project and been a Director and Affiliated Researcher with the University of Sydney Research Centre. My PhD in heritage law examined the protection of living (intangible) heritage in Cambodia and the application of international law at a national level and at the Angkor World Heritage Site.

Before I moved to Asia I undertook studies in Environmental Science (BSc Env.) with honours in biology and a Master in Environmental Law focusing on biodiversity law, Southeast Asian environmental law and heritage law. Between 2003-2007 I was a Post Graduate Teaching Fellow with the University of Sydney School for Biological Sciences teaching two junior units – Concepts in Biology and Ecosystems to Genes, providing curriculum support, student liaison services and coordination of bridging classes. I was also a casual lecturer in Environmental Law with the Law Faculty of the University of Sydney. In 2004 I completed an internship as a legal policy advisor with the United Nations Environment Program Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

My research interests branch across disciplines of law, natural and social sciences. I have conducted research in pollination ecology, international environmental law, Cambodian culture, cultural heritage policy development, heritage management and tourism. I enjoy exploring how these different topics interact. Such as through examining the application of international law at the local level in South East Asia, the role (and rights) of community in policy development and management in the areas of environmental protection, cultural heritage and traditional knowledge, how living (intangible) heritage can be safeguarded and connections between tourism, sustainable development and cultural heritage.

I have collaborated with local and international colleagues in the development of a range of management policies at the Angkor World Heritage Site in tourism, intangible heritage and site management. I have also worked with local community members at Angkor to explore ways in which traditional knowledge and local beliefs may be appropriately shared with visitors through tourism social enterprises to provide benefits for local people and raise visitor awareness of Angkor’s living heritage.



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