Isabel Lardner


Program Coordinator/Health and Wellness Manager


Turks & Caicos Islands




Bachelor's in Writing and Environmental Science
Johns Hopkins University

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I’m originally from Connecticut, but I grew up spending lots of time on the beach and in the water on Cape Cod, where I learned to sail and snorkel. I moved to Baltimore to study writing and environmental science at Johns Hopkins University, where I was lucky enough to study abroad twice: first on a sailboat in Australia, Indonesia, and South Africa researching the effects of ocean acidification on calcite-secreting organisms, and then in Denmark and Norway studying polar and marine mammal biology. I loved being in the field so much that after graduating, I spent a year working with students on a sailboat in the Pacific, sailing between California, French Polynesia, Fiji, and Hawaii and working on all kinds of oceanography and marine science research projects. I’m excited to continue supporting students and learning about marine science in South Caicos!