Jenny Thompson


Student Affairs Assistant


B.A. in Biology
Pomona College (CA, USA)

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Staff Profile

Jenny grew up near Charlotte, North Carolina, and other than playing outside and a few day hikes, did not discover the outdoors until she went on a summer program to Ecuador in high school. Hooked on nature, cultural experiences, and ecological wonders, Jenny has continued to pursue her love for adventure ever since.

At Pomona College in Southern California, she pursued a BA in Biology, focusing her studies around climate change and entomology. Outside of class, she directed the tour program, worked as an outdoor educator and orientation adventure leader, and created a outdoor education program building nature-based wellness programs with local under-resourced high schools. During the summers, she leads for a high school service- and adventure-based program which has taken her all over the world in the past few summers, most notably to a sustainable farm in Hawaii and a wolf sanctuary in Colorado. Her passion and life goal is to foster the innate connection between people with nature.

Her junior year at Pomona, Jenny spent six months with a language and culture immersion program in Valparaíso, Chile, where she built a local community for herself and learned how to do things as the Chileans do. Chile is known for its quirky culture and extremely unique dialect of Spanish, and she’s excited to be back to learn from a new area of the incredible country. She knows the culture well, but there’s always more to learn, especially when it comes to such a vastly different region. She enjoys looking up at Patagonian mountains every day.

Jenny is an avid adventurer, responsible traveler, and eager naturalist. She tries to create unique experiences and instill values in the students that come through the SFS Chile program, and appreciates learning from them, too.