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Jess Savage

Jessica Savage, Ph.D.




Ph.D. in Marine Conservation
University of Southampton, UK

M.Sc. in Biodiversity and Conservation
University of Southampton, UK

BSc (hons) in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology
University of Plymouth, UK


Tropical Coastal Ecology
(The School for Field Studies)

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Jessica Savage, Ph.D.

Resident Lecturer in Tropical Coastal Ecology


Professional Activities

2015 – Present
Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK
2013 – Present
Member of the Marine Biological Association, UK
2009 – Present
PADI, Master SCUBA Diver Trainer
2007 - Present
HSE Commercial Diver

Faculty Profile

Originally from London, I grew up with a love of the ocean. I started diving at 15 and studied an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology followed by a Masters in Biodiversity and Conservation. During this period, I developed a conservation based research programme in Cambodia which focused on the appropriate development and efficacy of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). I then undertook a Ph.D. assessing the socio-economic and ecological impacts of marine management on local communities. Throughout my studies I have been actively involved in the governance and policy arrangements of marine management and assisted in the establishment of a series of MPAs.

My main research interests surround the monitoring of marine resources, impact assessments and identifying the best means of integrating local resource-dependent communities into the habitat conservation, monitoring, and management.



Savage, J.M., Osborne, P.E. & Hudson, M.D. (2016) Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
Savage, J.M., Osborne, P.E., Hudson, M.D., Knapp, M.P. & Budello, L (2014) Cambodian Journal of Natural History 2014(1): 47-54
Savage, J. M., Osborne, P. E. & Hudson, M.D. (2013) Cambodian Journal of Natural History 2013(2): 89-94


Savage. J.M., Osborne, P.E. & Hudson, M.D (2015, June) Presented at the International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems, 1-4th June 2015, Hong Kong
Savage, J. M., Osborne, P.E. & Hudson, M.D. (2014, May) Presented at the Marine Biological Association (Post-graduate Conference) 2014 – Scarborough