Kris Pieper


Marketing Coordinator


Beverly, Massachusetts


B.S. in Environmental Studies (Communications) and Psychology
Tufts University (MA, USA)

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Staff Profile

Kris has always been at home in the natural world. Some of his friends are not quite sure why he spends so much time climbing up and down mountains or staring excitedly at trees and rocks. When he set off to attend school at Tufts University, he started out studying International Relations and Arabic, but quickly realized that he cared too much about the environment to study anything else. This led to a degree in Environmental Studies (communications) and Psychology, as he sought to work toward bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and public perception in the environmental field.

In 2016, Kris was thrilled to join SFS and become part of a community where he could combine his international leanings with his desire to promote environmental education for future generations. He is a firm believer in experiential learning, and few things are more rewarding to him than seeing a young person discover a passion for the environment after spending a semester in the field. As SFS’ Marketing Coordinator, he is excited to have the chance to spread the inspiring experiences of students in the field to more and more people each day.