Mikayla Carrier


Waterfront Assistant


Turks & Caicos Islands




B.A. in Biology


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Some of my key interests in marine science is how we can use sensory biology to mitigate negative interactions between humans and marine organisms. My excitement for the marine science was sparked after getting scuba certified in the spring of 2019. The following year in the Spring of 2020, I traveled to the Turks and Caicos to expand my knowledge on marine ecosystems. During my time as a student with SFS, my directed research project used historical data to assess South Caicos’ Epinephelus striatus stock health. After combining my passion for science with my love of the ocean and scuba diving in the Turks and Caicos, I realized that marine science was my ideal career path.
In December 2020, I completed my PADI Divemaster certification in the Florida Keys. After obtaining my DM certification I remained in the in the Keys as part of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation team for Spring 2021 as a Marine Conservation Intern. After, I spent a year working at Forfar Field Station as a Marine Educator in The Bahamas. I returned to SFS Turks and Caicos in August in 2022 and have loved assisting with student dive certifications and research. One of my favorite aspects of the course is watching the students get passionate about marine science just as I did three years ago.