Mike Kowalski


Program Assistant


B.A. in Biology (Specialization in Ecology and Conservation; Minor in Marine Science)
Boston University (MA, USA)

SFS Alum
Tanzania Summer '14

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Staff Profile

Mike was born and raised across the states of New York and New Jersey with an innate and insatiable desire to understand the curiosities of the natural world around him. He parlayed this love into a fruitful education at Boston University. In 2014, SFS Tanzania opened the door to wildlife conservation for Mike with an astounding semester filled with practical field experience, amazing people, and stories to last a lifetime. After graduating with a BA in Ecology & Conservation Biology in 2015, Mike spent the next couple of years traveling the globe, exploring the wildest places this planet has to offer, and performing research for various organizations. He’s been fortunate enough to work with bats, whales, coral reefs, large carnivores, plants, primates, and sea turtles in the spectacular ecosystems of the Amazon Rainforest, Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, savannahs of East Africa, Yucatan Peninsula, Mediterranean Sea, Sahara Desert, Congo Rainforest, and Indonesian Archipelago to name a few. Mike enjoys pretty much all outdoor activities as long as there’s a good, ol’ fashioned adventure involved. You can often find him sprinting haphazardly across your path after a curious critter while brandishing his trusty binoculars and DSLR. Words cannot express how excited Mike is to have the opportunity to give back to the organization who gave him his start in the field and deliver an equally impactful experience to students arriving in the land down under with SFS Australia.