Molly Hurst


Director of Safety and Student Life


Beverly, Massachusetts


B.A. in Psychology
Humboldt State University. (CA, USA)

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Staff Profile

Originally from Coastal California, Molly brings a wide variety of experience to the role Director of Safety and Student Life at SFS. Through her studies at Humboldt State University and University of Hawaii at Manoa, she began her career in marine mammal research, working on several Earthwatch projects, as well as through private research organizations. After discovering an interest in African wildlife, Molly spent several years as an Animal Care Specialist at a wildlife park in Texas. During this time, as a member of the local fire department, she trained as a fire fighter, an EMT, a Wilderness First Responder, a Swift Water Rescue Technician, and a Safety Officer. With a strong enthusiasm for field learning and experiential education, Molly served as a Student Affairs Manager (SAM) at three SFS field stations since 2008 including Mexico, Kenya and Tanzania. Molly joined the staff at SFS Headquarters in 2012.