Natalie Condon


Program Intern


B.A. in Anthropology
Reed College (OR, USA)

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Staff Profile

Natalie was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, where she has spent many years exploring rivers, deserts, and forests up and down the West Coast. She attended Reed College as an undergraduate, majoring in anthropology with a focus on reproductive health and reproductive rights in development contexts plus environmental history. She joined the SFS Cambodia semester in Fall 2016 as a student, conducting fieldwork on the oral histories of families living in Phnom Kulen National Park as her Directed Research project. Upon returning to Portland, Natalie wrote her senior thesis on the transnational surrogacy industry in Southeast Asia and incorporated the data gathered on family resiliency in Cambodia into her analysis.

While she was a student at Reed College, Natalie became passionate about supporting academic research focusing on timely topics in international development, gender in labor, and environmental conservation. She worked for four years in Reed’s academic library assisting patron researchers, co-founded and co-edited an open-source academic journal for students called Radicle: Reed Anthropology Review, and assisted with the creation of a new introductory methods course for anthropology students.

A former SFS student in Cambodia and former high school exchange student in Salzburg, Austria, Natalie’s study abroad experiences have been fundamental in shaping her own academic trajectory. After graduating from Reed College in 2017, she worked for nearly two years in both Portland and New York City as a teaching assistant in early childhood education. She is thrilled about the opportunity to support future study abroad students at SFS and gain more experience in college-level academic support.

In her free time, you can usually find Natalie writing, kayaking rivers, hiking trails, enjoying great food with friends, and trying to master whatever crafts or instruments she’s currently finding interesting.