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Nathan Diplock

Nathan Diplock




BS in Biology, Minor in Anthropology
Bates College (Maine, USA)

SFS Alum
Tanzania, Fall '15

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Nathan Diplock

Student Affairs Manager


Staff Profile

Nate was born and raised in Amherst, Massachusetts and spent a good chunk of his younger years hiking, camping and skiing, throughout the Northeast. A large portion of his passion for the outdoors revolved around his love for the natural world. Nate attended Bates College in Maine, where he studied biology and anthropology, and directed the Bates Outing Club. While living in Maine, Nate also became an avid rock and ice climber, and trail runner.

During his junior year, Nate studied abroad with SFS in Tanzania at the Center for Wildlife Management Studies. Throughout the semester, he became fascinated by the complex issues that arise as a result of human wildlife conflict. He also loved the center’s dedication to engage the local community in research projects and communicate key discoveries with the people they would affect the most.

After leaving the Center for Wildlife Management Studies, returning to the SFS Center in Tanzania to support the program was always an exciting prospect. Back at Bates, Nate completed his senior thesis by conducting research aimed at supporting native pollinators. After graduating, he spent a summer working in Missoula, Montana before getting the incredible opportunity to return to the Center for Wildlife Management Studies as a SAM.