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Rachel Baker

Rachel Baker


Turks and Caicos Islands


B.S. in Marine Biology University of North Carolina Wilmington (NC, USA)

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Rachel Baker

Waterfront Assistant Intern


Staff Profile

Rachel grew up visiting the beach with her family and has shown a passion for the ocean and for science since a very young age. From watching scuba divers in awe in aquariums growing up, to playing with jellyfish and crabs as a kid on the beach, Rachel knew early on that she belonged in the water, studying what she loved.

During her four years at UNC Wilmington, Rachel worked in the Education Department and as part of the dive team at the North Carolina Aquarium, diving with and teaching the public about sea turtles. Rachel also interned at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital where she gained even more experience working with her favorite marine animal. To gain a more global education in her field of study, Rachel spent a semester studying conservation biology and ecological and evolutionary physiology at the University of Wollongong in Australia.

After getting her Open Water SCUBA certification at the start of her first semester in college, Rachel quickly fell in love with scuba diving and being able to study and observe marine life up close in its natural habitat. To turn her passion into a profession, Rachel completed her dive master’s certification after graduating from college.

Rachel is excited to pass along her love for diving to students and to teach students about the importance of conservation and applying it to scientific research, all while exploring the beautiful marine ecosystems South Caicos has to offer.