Stephan Bruns


Waterfront Assistant Intern


Turks and Caicos Islands


M.S. in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation University of Ghent (Belgium)

B.A.Sc. in Biology University of Bremen (Germany)

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Staff Profile

I grew up in Germany where I finished my bachelor’s in Biology in 2015. Recently, in 2017, I finished my master’s in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at the University of Ghent, Belgium. During my master’s I traveled around Europe and met people with totally different cultural backgrounds and different attitudes toward life. I always had a strong connection to the ocean—I was able to snorkel before I actually was able to swim. Early in my life it was clear I wanted to become a marine researcher and be involved in conservation and protection of marine life.

I love outdoor activities of all different kinds, my favorites being hiking and diving. Especially diving! Escaping the stressful world over the surface and diving into the blue. I started diving in 2002 and did a diving holiday all over the world. During my master’s in Portugal, I worked as a divemaster in addition to my studies, where I helped out in the diving base and went for dives with freshly-certified divers to explore the ocean.

I accomplished my thesis in Ireland, where I visited South Caicos for my data sampling. I worked with baited remote underwater video stations to investigate habitat use of the elasmobranchs assemblage present. Here, I got in touch with SFS staff and interns. It was an amazing experience for me and I am really excited about the position as a waterfront intern, including the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for marine life and the need for its conservation.