Posted: August 4, 2013
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As Our Time On South Caicos is Coming to an End

Turks and Caicos Islands

The days are winding down here on South Caicos and we have just turned in our final exam. The “lasts” begin as we get ready for our final dive or snorkel of the trip, prepare for our last outreach with the local children, and lay in the Caribbean sun getting a tan we hope will last us through the upcoming school year.


As we all become reminiscent of our time at the Center for Marine Resource Studies, we decided to ask the group what their favorite memory of the trip was…

• “Glow worms on the jetty.” — Olivia and Victoria
• “The deep, deep relationship I’ve formed with the cockroaches.” — Sam
• “The morning we woke up after the camp out. We were all exhausted but it was awesome watching the sunrise and enjoying each other’s company.” — Hannah
• “Getting to know the community has been one of the best experiences during my stay. From time spent playing dominoes to swimming with the kids at regatta, fun times were had. And puppies.” — Kelly
• “Playing with the cats that hang around the Center all the time.” — Michelle
• “Almost catching a turtle, and seeing the turtle that was caught.” — Kahla
• “Seeing eagle rays on the dive at the Grotto.” — Annie
• “Diving with everyone at the Warhead.” — Ashley H.
• “When we went SCUBA diving and saw dolphins.” — Steven
• “Helping Jack get over his fear of getting into the water and seeing his face as he swam for the first time.” — James
• “The feeling of catching the first shark at the beginning of the session under a wide vista of thousands of stars, creating a new-found respect for the top predators.” — Jack
• “Playing rugby with the local kids, and catching the blacknose shark.” — Logan
• “Learning to play dominoes with the locals in town, and having an entourage of dogs follow us whenever we went running.” — Ashley F.
• “All of the times sharking, turtling, and seeing eagle rays.” — Anji

There will be a lot of things that we will all miss about life on South Caicos, but as we individually return to our normal lives, we will always remember the lessons we learned here—whether they were lessons on sustainability, classroom lectures, or life lessons from the local community.




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