By: Bernard Kissui, PhD

Posted: July 27, 2015
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It’s Better Down Where It’s Wetter

Turks and Caicos Islands

This is SFS news coming to you live from South Caicos where Summer II students have just completed their first week. The weather has been mostly sunny and hot – a cool 95 degrees (if you like that sort of thing) with a dash of rain sprinkled in once. There is a 100% chance that a pack of dogs will follow you everywhere you go and a 30% chance of seeing a horse. The waters are a cool 80 degrees, don’t cha know. Many days so far have been spent in the classroom prepping for field research that is soon to come. Our daily routine follows that of the food schedule, which is reliable, unlike the Internet.

Life on the island is slow paced; island time is definitely a real thing. One finds his or her way around the island quite quickly, either by following the roads without names or just walking and hoping you run into something recognizable. Local entertainment includes: darts, stargazing, waiting for the green flash, dominos with locals, and living in a constant mixture of salt water, sunscreen, and sweat.

Here in South Caicos, we play a variety of unique sports. These include how fast you can complete kitchen crew (BYOM: Bring Your Own Music), who can get tannest the quickest and get mistaken for a local, and finally who can “beach whale it” getting onto the boat (using your weight to your advantage).

This week in fashion: board shorts, bikinis, and hand made bracelets, which are coming back in style faster than ever. Things to do this summer include: water adventures, sun burning, snorkeling, eating local food, and sleeping in breezy, beautiful hammock-chairs.

All jokes aside, it is absolutely gorgeous here and everyone is excited to really begin research in the field. The staff is wonderful and we are getting over the awkward stage of not knowing anyone’s names. We cannot wait for what we will see and learn in the weeks going forward. Until next time, this has been your SFS news by the Highlighter Squad, live from South Caicos (on island time).

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