Carbon Offset Calculator

SFS supports global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, however we recognize that study abroad air travel does generate greenhouse gasses. By funding carbon offset programs we can reduce our impact on the environment.

Use the tool below to help determine and offset the carbon generated by your flights. All donations fund carbon sequestration projects, such as native tree planting, by SFS and our partners. Initially, these carbon sequestration projects will take place under the direction of The SFS Center for Sustainable Development Studies in Costa Rica. Over time, we hope to add projects at other SFS Centers, as well.

How does it work?

We calculate carbon offsets by converting flight and drive miles into tons of carbon. Using that we can determine the number of trees needed to sequester said carbon. Your recommended donation is based on the cost of growing those trees over their lifetime. The data used is based on independently verified sources such as xxx. We also augment this with our own data from tree planting projects, student and faculty carbon sequestration research. You can also find stories about the program’s impact,

Once live, student donations will be “sequestered” in an HQ account and then dispersed for tree planting or other carbon offset projects at the donors’ choice of participating Centers.



Total Carbon Used
{{$ctrl.air_carbon + $ctrl.car_carbon() | number}} mt C02
{{ $ctrl.car_miles() }} miles By Land
{{$ctrl.car_carbon() | number}} mt C02 @ {{$ctrl.settings.per_car_mile}}/mi
{{ $ctrl.air_miles }} miles By Air
{{$ctrl.air_carbon | number}} mt C02 @ {{$ctrl.settings.per_air_mile}}/mi
Your Flight
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Offset Needed
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Project Name


Sequesters {{t.carbon}} mt C02
$/offset {{t.cost | currency }}

{{ ( ( $ctrl.car_carbon() + $ctrl.air_carbon ) / t.carbon ) | number | ceil }}
( ( {{$ctrl.car_carbon() | number }} + {{$ctrl.air_carbon | number}} ) / {{t.carbon}} )
{{( ( ( $ctrl.car_carbon() + $ctrl.air_carbon ) / t.carbon ) * t.cost ) | currency }}
( ( {{$ctrl.car_carbon() | number }} + {{$ctrl.air_carbon | number}} ) / {{t.carbon}} ) * {{t.cost}}

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