Character Reference Form


The student that requested this reference has applied to participate in an intensive, environmental field study program offered by The School for Field Studies (SFS). Students and faculty work, camp, and live together in remote ecosystems, immersed in research. Challenges associated with rigorous fieldwork, research, academics, and interpersonal dynamics promote growth and learning.

As such, the programs can be very demanding. The applicant must be sufficiently motivated and mature to live and work productively in a field setting. Each participant will be enrolled to receive university credit for successful completion of the program.

Your responses on the form below will be used to evaluate the student for admission and provide information for the faculty on student abilities. Please give us your candid evaluation on the preparedness, motivation, and suitability of the candidate for this type of program.

Please note: we accept students on a rolling basis. No admissions decision can be reached until all of the student’s application materials are received. Since the student’s application cannot be reviewed until we receive this form, please complete and submit it electronically as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or difficulties completing this form, please contact SFS Admissions at or (800) 989-4418.

Character Reference Form

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