African Large Carnivores: Ecology and Conservation – Kenya


African Large Carnivores: Ecology and Conservation – Kenya

4 credits

This course focuses on the behavioral ecology and conservation challenges facing large carnivores using Southern Kenya’s parks and protected areas as investigated landscapes. Students learn about carnivore conservation and apply techniques for studying and managing carnivores. This is done through lectures from large carnivore experts and field-based ecological and social investigation. The field training is conducted in parks and wildlife dispersal areas, and the social surveys include participatory social science techniques in the villages adjacent to protected areas. The data collected will be analyzed using advanced techniques, offering students social and ecological analytical skills that are vital for research and conservation.

This course is typically offered at our Tanzania Center and the sample syllabi is based on the Tanzania field sites though the curriculum and lectures will be largely the same. An updated version for Kenya will be available in Spring 2021.

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