Marine Conservation Planning

SFS 3024

Marine Conservation Planning

4 credits

This course focuses on the techniques of integrating systematic conservation planning into a broader transboundary marine spatial plan placing local, national, and regional conservation efforts within the global context. We examine the means of mainstreaming marine conservation and marine protected areas into the broader blue economy. The Adriatic Sea is subject to numerous threats from anthropogenic use, particularly the 21st century threats of marine litter and noise pollution. Fisheries, transportation, energy, and tourism are all sectors that intersect with the conservation of regional species of concern. Students will investigate means to understand these conflict points for effective conservation within Croatia and the Adriatic. The aim of this course is to understand the critical viewpoints of relevant authorities and stakeholders and balancing the increasing demands of the blue economy with conservation requirements.

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Sea Turtles and Marine Mammals of the Adriatic

15 Weeks
18 Credits
Fall 2024
Sep 2 - Dec 11
Spring 2025
Feb 17 - May 28