Rescue and Rehabilitation: Marine Animals

SFS 3754

Rescue and Rehabilitation: Marine Animals

4 credits

This course focuses on the assessment of the health status of cetaceans and sea turtles as keystone species of the marine ecosystem. Fieldwork includes emergency interventions for rescuing and providing care of stranded, injured, or entangled dolphins and sea turtles. At our sea turtle rescue center, rehabilitation of sea turtles happens through the application of a therapeutic protocol established after a clinical evaluation of the individual through diagnostic tests. After taking samples, such as swabs and blood samples, turtles undergo therapy which includes treatment of injuries and/or medication administration. Students will experience the daily care requirements for the animals, monitoring their health status and recovery process. During recovery, various samples are taken for scientific research. Where recovery occurs, the individuals are tagged with flipper tags and may be satellite or GSM tagged for further tracking. In the case of dead strandings, post-mortem investigations are undertaken to assess potential causes of death.

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Sea Turtles and Marine Mammals of the Adriatic

15 Weeks
18 Credits
Fall 2024
Sep 2 - Dec 11
Spring 2025
Feb 17 - May 28