Locations: Chile


Center for Climate Studies

In Chilean Patagonia, towering pinnacles clash with rivers of ice, and life persists in the face of challenging seasonal extremes. Penguins, foxes, sea lions, and guanaco are just a few of the region’s hardy wildlife. Situated in the Ring of Fire, Patagonia’s stunning, snow-covered volcanic range presents an unmatched opportunity to study complex geological and seismic processes. The fragile ecosystems of southern Chile and Argentina are especially vulnerable to the...

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Wild Patagonia: Fire and Ice

Spend a semester amid the soaring peaks, massive glaciers, and narrow fjords of Patagonia, where the trails of national parks like Torres del Paine become your classroom for research and field work. Embark on expeditions to the southernmost tip of South America and the volcanic lakes region of northern Patagonia to study climate change impacts, diverse ecosystems, and conservation in one of the world’s most iconic regions. Learn More

Fall 2020

Sep 7 - Dec 18


Spring 2021

Jan 25 - May 7


Fall 2021

Sep 6 - Dec 17



Foundations of Patagonian Ecology

Spend your winter break studying the biodiversity and fragile habitats of southern Chile. The trails of national parks like Torres del Paine and the expansive Patagonian steppe become your classroom as you explore the region from high-alpine forests to glaciers to the lower-elevation steppe. You’ll practice animal observation and census techniques on species like the guanaco, Andean condor, and elusive puma, and explore how nature adapts in extreme conditions. Learn More

Winter 2021

Dec 28 - Jan 15