We’re excited to prepare you for your SFS program!

Your SFS Pre-Departure is an opportunity for you to get to know us a bit more and for us to share helpful information about many different aspects of your program from how to prepare to live in a different culture to specific COVID-19 protocols and guidelines to academic expectations, SFS policies, and what the heck you should pack! We expect this session to last at least an hour and we’ll leave time for questions at the end.

Being flexible and resilient is part of the SFS program experience. So, we’re starting off with an activity allowing the students in your cohort to identify the best time out of four options for us to deliver your pre-departure orientation. We will choose the time that is most selected and share that date/time with your group. The final date/time might not be your first choice preference, but we ask you to be flexible and resilient, and attend the pre-departure at the selected time.

Complete the survey below and we’ll be in touch shortly with the official date and time of your pre-departure!