Reference Request Form


SFS requires two (2) references: an SFS Academic Reference and an SFS Character Reference. When you submit the Online Reference Request Form, your references will be automatically notified and asked to complete SFS reference forms electronically. Supplementary letters of recommendation are welcome, but at minimum, both individuals providing references must complete the official SFS reference forms.

Use this form to request an Academic and Character Reference. Only one submission is required.

If you experience technical difficulty, please contact SFS Admissions at (800) 989-4418 or

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Academic Reference

This reference should be completed by a teacher, professor or academic advisor who is well acquainted with your current academic performance.

Character Reference

This reference should be completed by someone who knows you well, such as a job supervisor, a volunteer supervisor, athletic coach or academic advisor. Friends and family are not appropriate choices.

Under the provisions of the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, you may waive the right to review your educational records. The act further provides that you may waive your right to see recommendations for admission. Please indicate below by checking the appropriate phrase, whether or not you waive this right.


Please make sure to enter a first name, last name , email and at least one complete reference request