How many elephants, giraffes, zebras, and wildebeest roam in Tarangire National Park? Which habitats are used by each species? How many mammalian wildlife species are found in this area?

To address these central questions students conducted a vehicle transect count in the northern part of this 2850 km2 (1,096 mi2) protected area. Driving more than 100 km of transects on rough roads, SFS students had counted and recorded numerous herds of elephants, zebras, wildebeest, waterbuck, impala, other antelope species and even encountered two lion prides along the transects.

After a relaxing lunch break at the pool of the Safari lodge with amazing views over a valley packed with wildebeest and zebra, we enjoyed a game drive along the Tarangire River with wonderful close up views of Elephant herds.

The following day, students entered the total of 270 animal sightings made by the five counting groups and started analyzing the data with respect to animal density, habitat use and species diversity using state-of-the-art statistical methods. The results of this exciting exercise will be presented in scientific posters illustrating the abundance and diversity of wildlife found in the Tarangire National Park.