The week began with 27 people working diligently to put the final touches on a month’s worth of work and has transitioned into handshakes and jubilation as that work went to the presses. With a hard copy in hand, a new era has arrived! We will now present our hard-earned knowledge at Community Night in Yungaburra! Through our research, we have dug up the facts to influence new legislation on wild dog control, we have uncovered hidden agendas within big box companies that drive out local farmers, and we have discovered that in many ways, selective logging is not as sustainable as it is made to seem.

As our DR’s come to a close, we are embarking on a new journey. A magical mystery journey! With our last few days we are at the mercy of our fantastic Student Affairs Manager (SAM). Today as part of our tour, we went to the local biodynamic farm to taste all their delicious dairy products. Tomorrow, who knows where we will end up; the possibilities for adventure are endless!

The semester began with a lesson overlooking the entire Atherton Tablelands, the area we have all begun to call home. The semester ends with another trip to the lookout. Looking back to that first summit, I never would have dreamed that I could have learned so much about myself and a foreign place. This has been the experience of a lifetime. Until next time Australia, we will all miss you dearly!