The only typical part about a day here in Bhutan is the sense of amazement that stops me at least once every day. This morning it was the blue sky and sun over the mountains as I walked to class from breakfast.

The natural beauty of the country can be overwhelming; however, it doesn’t come close to the amazing people here. From our arrival, everyone we’ve met has been incredibly friendly and welcoming. One of the best distractions when we’re driving around the country is returning the waves of all the kids we see. We were actually able to spend some time with lower secondary school students and their excitement was infectious. Even though their English and our Dzongkha was limited, we were still able to have a lot of fun playing games, taking pictures, and having multilingual conversations and sing-alongs.

Since then we’ve had the chance to refine our sports and dancing skills with our peers here at UWICE who are graduating soon. Despite our different backgrounds and their advantage of having lived at 3000m for the past year, I’ve never had so much fun playing volleyball and dancing during karaoke. The mix of American and Bhutanese music, dancing, language, and culture was wild. It turns out that having fun is a much more universal language than any words we could ever learn.