These past two and a half weeks have been incredible, life changing, and memorable. SFS continues to exceed all my expectations, and I will forever be grateful for the experience they have provided me. One of my favorite parts about this trip has been the SCUBA diving. My ultimate career goal is to become an aquatics veterinarian, and the hands-on learning while diving is an excellent motivator. So far, the divers have done three dives. My latest dive was at a plane wreck that hosted a beautiful range of marine life. Our Divemasters are excellent leaders, making sure we are safe and are able to see every little detail on the reefs. These dives are truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Turtles, turtles, turtles. Everyone here LOVES sea turtles. Fortunately, our turtle love was heightened the other night when our group got to go “turtling”! Turtling basically consists of snorkeling to catch turtles at night (when they’re “sleepy”) in order to record important morphological measurements. Our professor recorded data on each turtle, and then the turtles were safely released back into the ocean.

Overall, my time at the Center has been so fun. I’ve learned a great deal of new information on marine protected areas, as well as the life they provide, through classroom activities and hands-on experiences. I cannot wait to see what these next two weeks bring!