We’ve only been in the Kilimanjaro Bush Camp for three days and I already feel at home.  The faculty and staff are incredibly welcoming, and living together with such a diverse group of people has allowed for me to easily to adapt to life in the bush. I’m quickly getting used to the cold showers, eerie night noises, and hoards of baboons that run wildly around camp.

Although we’ve only had a few days of classes, it’s clear that the courses here will be both life changing and challenging. It’s exciting to be tackling real, relevant environmental issues in such a beautiful setting, where both the biodiversity and culture are abundant and unique. We’ve already visited a traditional Maasai boma, and witnessed herds of giraffes running across the grasslands! Though I am certain I will be pushed to my limits both academically and personally, I couldn’t imagine a more fitting place to study wildlife management.
—Mallory Morgan (Colorado College)

Jambo from East Africa! I never imagined that I would feel so at home as fast as I did here at the Kilimanjaro Bush Camp. From the very beginning, we felt extremely welcomed by the staff at SFS and again by the Maasai Mamas into their boma. We even got to sing and dance with them! The SFS staff exchange Swahili greetings and laughs with us as we go about our busy days. Surrounding the station, the unique and impressively beautiful landscape invites us to adventure around camp. Needless to say, all of us have become physically attached to our cameras. It’s amazing to me that we can sit in our classroom and look out the window to see baboons, beautiful trees, and of course, Mt. Kilimanjaro. I’m looking forward to our field trips and diving deeper into the case studies that we have been introduced to!
— Arianna Porter (Colby College)