Our time in Kenya is coming to a quick end as we prepare for the big move to Tanzania happening on October 22nd. The next few days will be filled with final exams and a few ‘lasts’ such as a last venture to the town market at Kimana, and goodbyes to the amazing staff here at Kilimanjaro Base Camp. As sad as that goodbye will be, we are all very much looking forward to experiencing the Tanzanian side of the program and all of the wonderful things that it will have to offer.

Earlier this month we embarked on our Kenyan expedition, a five day adventure north to Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya’s only fully-enclosed national park. The park is home to both black and white rhinoceroses, flamingos, lions, and a whole host of other animals. We had a week full of safaris, and the first morning in Nakuru began with a field lecture/game drive where we learned all about the park and its ecology.

It was hard to believe that we were still in Kenya; Kimana is a semi-arid environment where we see little greenery, but Nakuru was an absolutely beautiful environment, with lush green grasses and trees everywhere, plus a giant lake in the middle filled with flamingos. We stayed at a campsite owned by the Kenya Wildlife Service which was actually within the fenced area of the park. One of the highlights of the trip for me was getting woken up at 2 AM one morning by the sound of a lion roaring outside of our banda! Our expedition to Lake Nakuru National Park was an awesome experience and one that we definitely will not forget as we head into Tanzania for the second part of our semester.