Over the past week, classes have been wrapping up and exams have come and gone. It has finally started to hit all of us that we only have about two weeks left here at the Center for Marine Resource Studies (CMRS). We’ve been taking every opportunity we can to appreciate the amazing natural beauty that is so prevalent here on South Caicos.Almost every night, students take a moment to watch the sunset. While we were all in the midst of studying for our Marine Ecology exam, there was a particularly beautiful sunset which was a nice treat after a long few days of studying. The whole sky filled with red orange and pink and slowly became purple until the sun completely set. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Over the weekend our Student Affairs Manager arranged for us to dye Easter eggs. We spent Friday night dying 100 eggs to spice up Sunday brunch.South Caicos is a very religious community, so the town has been quiet and almost everything has been closed from Good Friday until Monday. Soon, the local community members will return from their Easter vacations and South Caicos will be a lively place once again.

While here at CMRS we have been doing Directed Research (DR) two days a week for four weeks already, and now the pace of DR is really picking up.  Our last two weeks will be only DR. People are coming and going all day long to go diving, observing sharks, measuring fish, counting birds, and interviewing the people of South Caicos–just to name a few. Everyone comes home at the end of their research day with exciting, unique stories from all over the island.