We are now officially over one month into our stay here in Tanzania, and the time has definitely flown by. The past month has been a whirlwind of meeting and quickly making friends with forty one new people, having crazy cultural experiences, seeing some amazing wildlife, an outstanding five day expedition, and a slew of other events and experiences that I could list out, but would probably push me beyond a 350 word limit.

We settled into life here at Moyo Hill Camp extremely quickly, and in the past month this place has become the perfect home away from home. We just returned from a five day expedition where we camped only a short fifteen minute drive from the Tarangire National Park. This allowed us to spend two full days exploring the park, which I can safely say was the experience of a lifetime. We spent a half day observing the structure and behavioral tendencies of different groups of elephants, a half day performing a general game count to contribute to one of our professor’s research, and then a full day driving around and soaking up the sights and sounds of this wonderful park.

Aside from exploring the park, the expedition gave us the opportunity to attend a lecture from the Head Warden of the Tarangire National Park, as well as a lecture from a local village elder in charge of monitoring the Lake Burunge Wildlife Management Area. We were also given the opportunity to walk through a local village with a guide and interview families about their usage of natural resources, which was an amazing experience that gave us valuable insight into some of the struggles that the local people face on a day to day basis. Our expedition was wrapped up with a stellar bush walk through a wildlife migration corridor that left us all dirty, sweaty, exhausted, and completely satisfied with our expedition away from Moyo Hill.

This is basically just a taste of how awesome the past month has been, and even though it has gone by incredibly fast, we still have another two months here in Tanzania and I am beyond excited to see and experience all the adventures that are to come.