Since I was a kid I have always been slightly obsessed with birds. There are countless types of birds here  in Tanzania and with the most amazing color combinations I have ever seen as an avid bird watcher. Even sitting outside working on assignments you see at least five species of birds. We had a field experiment in and around our camp and counted over twenty species of birds just within half a mile!

Lilac-breasted roller

When we travel to the national parks, we see so many bird species; needless to say I have over five hundred bird pictures on my camera. There is a bird called the secretary bird that literally looks a like a dinosaur! Then of course there is the ostrich, which in my opinion is the funniest out of all animals to watch run. Their legs do not look attached to their body and they also enjoy games of “follow the leader” when they walk in groups.

If I had to choose a favorite bird, it is the saddle-billed stork. They are very tall and lengthy and have a very bright red and black striped beak with a yellow accented top. They have an incredible wingspan of nine feet. The last bird that I am currently obsessed with is the lilac-breasted roller. It is a small bird and is very multi-colored; it gets its name from the very vibrant purple breast. This is just a snippet from my amazing adventures and studies here in Tanzania, but if you are at all interested in birds, this is the place to be!

Secretary bird


Saddle-billed stork