The things we get to do for class are pretty unbelievable–bat observations; an all-day hike to a waterfall with a refreshing dip as bonus. The past week has been full of exciting adventures, and it just keeps going! We just finished a 12-hour road trip into the Sacred Valley in the Andean highlands where we’ll be staying for a week before our mid-semester break begins in Cusco. From the jungle to the mountains, it’ll be refreshing to escape the bugs and humidity for a couple weeks. And of course, learn more about other parts of Peru!

Setting up nets along the trails in the evening for some bat action.

We caught 7 bats within the 2 hours we were out, 3 of which were pregnant! (No bats were harmed during this activity, and bats were handled only by our professor, who is trained to safely handle the animals).

Crossing a river in a cable car on our way to the waterfall.

The waterfall! Definitely worth dodging wasp nests and sludging through muddy terrain.

Warrior paint made from rocks, because why not?