I’m supposed to write a blog about anything that I’ve experienced on South Caicos. “Anything” is such a vast word in which the infinite possibilities are a bit overwhelming. I could write about the feeling I get as I’m trying to get out of the water after a dive. While struggling to climb up on the boat’s ladder, it feels like I’m riding a bull bucking its way through the tormented ocean. But I have no fear, simply the feeling that I’m the star of my own action movie as the boat is being tossed about the sea and I tightly grip the ladder’s medal bars with one hand, while simultaneously trying to take off my fins.

I could talk about the equally-as-exhilarating feeling of being a snorkeling ninja, silently, sneakily searching for sea turtles to capture under the cover of the deep darkness of night and the excitement of finally seeing one appear within my flashlight’s beam. I could mention the adventure of exploring the bat caves on Middle Caicos, wandering through the seemingly endless meandering passageways with swarms of fuzzy flying creatures that were thankfully protecting us from the menacing mosquitoes. Or, I could tell the world about the adventures of Directed Research with lobsters.

But instead, I’ll talk about the sunsets. Every day, without fail, I am lucky enough to witness the most amazingly brilliant and dazzling sunsets I have ever experienced. With no skyscrapers or other forms of humanity getting in the way, the sun is free to display its radiant colors and a blindingly beautiful light ricocheting across the water like diamonds. It reminds me to take the time to appreciate the little things in life. Being more disconnected from technology and other luxuries has allowed me to become truly connected with the realities of this beautiful world that we live in. South Caicos has taught me that sometimes one needs to take a step away from the hustle, bustle, and stresses of life to simply enjoy the sunset and breathe. Thank you South!

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